Cholesterol Lowered Naturally!!

Thought I’d share some great news I received from a client yesterday — she has a strong genetic disposition to heart disease in her family.  Thinking preventatively, she lost weight, a great start,  but she was still struggling with the numbers of her blood work.

I suggested she try something simple first.  It totally worked!

She sent me this enthusiastic testimony.  She also thought — my goodness if this product could help me imagine all the other people it could help!! I love the way her mind works.

this testimony is shared with her permission

Hi Karen ~

I have exciting news!

Here were my numbers from last December compared to now . . . six months later!

Total Cholestrol – DOWN almost 11% to 181
HDL – UP almost 29%
LDL – DOWN almost 23%
Ratio – 26% BETTER

Isn’t that outstanding!!!  Besides taking your product, the only other major change I made was taking flax seed oil capsules (2x per day) per my doctor’s recommendation in December.  I showed my doctor the cholesterol lowering product you recommended, and she said that the soy is very good for me too!  She said “This is a winner!” I have “graduated” to just seeing her once per year!!!  Hurrah!!!

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