Tea Cups

the tea cup above was taken on my most recent trip

it’s a favorite of my girlfriends deceased mom – her mom absolutely loved the color yellow

below is a piece I took for a flickr photo slideshow that I made for my sister who lives in seattle

kindof a nice way to share home at a distance

recently i was invited to speak on a panel as a contributing photographer for a local gallery

we were asked to bring pieces that represented the theme “gatherings”

I brought images of garden, home and food

all distinct representations of gathering for me…

what was significant about this event

is I was there as an artist…

I like to say I am a closet artist

one that hasn’t come “out” of the closet

just yet anyway

I truly do  feel this way

my facebook page hosts much of my photography portfolio

and many have been very complimentary

Pam at Eaton Gallery has been truly encouraging of me and my work

at the event I was told that ” I was an artist” and that my work was “remarkably naive and refreshing”

imagine how remarkable that felt for me!!!

I met other profoundly talented photographers

and found myself so inspired

Best of all

I SOLD this print below to Martha Burk of Gallery 404

How tremendous is that!!

above photographs by karen hanrahan

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2 Responses to Tea Cups

  1. Karen these shots are gorgeous. You’re photography talent is on a fast-track!

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