FDA Reviews Three NEW Weight Loss Drugs

I don’ t know if this newspaper article offered lousy reporting or what,  but the topic has been noodling in my mind all day.

This week dieters, doctors, and investors will all get their first extensive look at a trio of new weight loss drugs

The hope is that these new drugs can succeed where others have failed by delivering significant weight loss without side effects.

Hmmm read on folks

Obesity is nearing 35% of the population.

How’s that for a staggering statistic ??

expectations for the drug are high

no new drugs have come out in over a decade

the modestly effective drug has blockbuster potential

hmmm moderately effective, so does that mean the blockbuster potential is for the drug companies ?

Not one of the drugs represent a breakthrough in research


drug makers have made little headway in understanding and treating the cause of overeating

oh my gosh don’t get me started

two of these nifty weight loss drugs simply combine an anticonvulsant and an amphetamine and have worrying side effects

did i just read that right? how does an amphetamine and an anticonvulsant stop someone from eating McDonalds?

oh and please give me some of those worrying side effects

the third drug is safer but less effective

what about something totally safe and completely effective ?

Weight Loss drugs over the years have had safety issues for years. These drugs get approved by our governing agency only to have them pulled off the market when gee – they find links to heart valve damage and lung problems

HELLO —  these drugs should not have gone to market in the first place!!!!

So the pending drug  Qnexa…

who picks these names?

Qnexa may have met guidelines for a % of weigh loss while on this drug, but had the highest rate of drop out due to memory and concentration problems

hmm lets lose our mind while getting slightly thinner

another drug Contrave shows minimal weight loss and offers you nausea on the side

Lorcaserin messes around with your serotonin, a brain chemical  so you might “feel” groovy, however the incidence of weigh loss is much much less – the FDA calls this weight loss drug that barely helps you lose weight one that is truly novel

I read this and think to myself — do people really buy into this stuff?????

How about safe healthy weight loss?

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4 Responses to FDA Reviews Three NEW Weight Loss Drugs

  1. Leon Jackson says:

    you know me. You know I’m big.
    I’m not pointing fingers at anyone else by what i’m about to say.
    I got this big cause I sat around for 10 hours a night on 3rd shift eating junk.
    no activity except moving from bed to couch to car to desk.
    A lot of my friends are using some form of gimmick or another and have had amazing results. but they are also yo-yo dieters.
    I put this weight on slow and it’s going to come off slow.
    Along the way i’ll re-learn how to eat right and stay active.

    • Leon — i do know. I too was big. Several years ago I lost quite a bit of weight. 80 lbs actually! I still am losing healthfully. I had some help but not from something gimmicky, but from some great products, their chemistry and changes. Lifetime and lifestyle changes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Roberta says:

    As a child growing up in a decade where calisthenics, Richard Simmons, and Tammy Faye Baker were all popular and constantly encouraging everybody to “lose those pounds!”, I’m actually not surprised about anything when it comes to losing weight or the drugs involved in it. It’s sad, really. You see so many people obsessed over their weight and they consume so many over-the-counter pills that destroy their beautiful inner functions (metabolism, primarily) and fluctuate in weight constantly … and then they become so self-focused on THIS rather than their LIFE. And it’s funny that while all of these horrible “drugs” are at the tips of our fingers to buy (energy drinks, weight loss pills, etc) something like Kombucha has been pulled off the shelves. Hmm. It’s things like these that make me think!

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