Getting Enough?

Getting enough??

Fiber isn’t particularly fun to talk about. Yet when you don’t have enough fiber in the diet that’s not fun either.

A nutritionist once told me that in order to get enough daily fiber in our diet we needed to eat:

13 cups brown rice ( brown rice is 7 times more fibrous than white )
an entire lb of carrots – that’s a bag folks
and 7 apples

a day.

Try and imagine ALL of that food sitting on your plate waiting for you to eat it – each and every day.

The FDA suggest 25 Grams a day

Goodness my.

We just don’t do it.

Fiber is the transit for the ugly. The ugly binds ( no pun intended ) to the fiber we eat and gets it the heck out of our body where it doesn’t belong.

Best way to get the fiber we need in our body is to eat it. Whole grain breads, pastas, veggies and fruit.

The second best way is to supplement it. Tuck it in as we say. Be sure that it’s something you get “regular” about.

I have fiber tablets ( sourced from beets,soy, lemon and grapefruit), this includes both a soluble and insoluble fiber.

I also carry a very special fiber that cholesterol binds to making it an absolutely excellant addition to a natural cholesterol lowering program.

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

fiber art flickr image credit

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