Chicken Curry Recipe Revised

Saute one large vidalia onion  – sliced in thin 1/2 moon slivers, one entire red pepper – long thin strips, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 jalapeno or other hot ( serrano is also good) in an extra virgin olive oil until tender.   This smells amazing as it’s simmering!! Add soup –  I use Pacific Roasted Red Pepper Tomato.  Amy’s has a nice canned version – use two.  ( another completely different version of  this is to use 2 T of tomato paste in 2 cups of half and half) Add one T of your favorite curry seasoning. 1/4 C lemon. Crushed White and Black Pepper. I never use salt. Add chicken. You can use boneless. Or you can use bone in w/ skin on. It depends on what you prefer.  If using with skin saute those in a seperate pan until brown first. Simmer all for a good hour.  Using the Pacific brand yields the most sauce.  I make this for 4, and often have sauce leftover to freeze. Great for a quick heat and serve meal later!!

Serve over brown rice. As a kid we always had fresh steamed green beans too.

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