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No Impact Man Here!!

I am very very excited to share that Colin Beavan affectionately known as No Impact Man will be the convocation speaker here in MY very own community at Illinois Wesleyan University! The event is open to the public.  Note: Seating … Continue reading

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Pearly Eggplant

photograph by karen hanrahan I am so taken with the beauty of fruits and vegetables. This stunning pearly lavender gem is an eggplant from Prairierth Farm. Katie authors a delightful blog that shares her very full life as an employee, … Continue reading

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This richly pigmented leafy wonder is called Shiso Shiso is Japanese In Korea they call it Ghatnip it is a cross between mint and basil it smells absolutely heavenly I have been adding it to my salad-centric evening meals I … Continue reading

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Back To School Thoughts From Green Moms!

I can’t believe that it’s our THIRD annual back to school carnival with green moms! What a gathering of remarkable GREEN minded back to school information. Please mark this post as a resource for you and share it with those … Continue reading

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Reduce Stormwater Runoff With A Rain Barrel!

Stormwater Runoff Pollution In your neighborhood, water from rain, snow melt or sprinklers flows over yards and pavement into storm drains. The water is not treated as it flows directly to our creeks, rivers and lakes. As water moves, it … Continue reading

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Killer Cells Are Not Particular.

The summary below was shared in a field email sent from our highly regarded sales leader and Professer of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   Dr. Stephan Chaney While clinical studies are the gold standard for determining the effectiveness … Continue reading

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Please Help Pediatric Allergist Dr. Doris Rapp

Perhaps you recall that I am going to be featured in Pediatric Allergist Dr.Doris Rapp’s newest book. I admire her work tremendously. Dr. Rapp has had a profound health impact on thousands of children who suffer from allergies, and yet … Continue reading

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Echinacea Boosts Immunity During This Shift Of Season

One of my absolutely favorite herbal nutritional products is Echinacea. Taken intermittently in times of stress, changes in weather temperature or when exposed to something germy. ( Like travel or NOW when the seasons are shifting, exposure in your child’s kindergarten … Continue reading

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Your Mucousal Lining Needs Its Beta

When one thinks of anti-oxidants they typically think of  the super trio Vita C, E and Beta Carotene. I have always known Beta Carotene to be the all mighty carrot! We all know carrots are good for you. However, as nutritional sciences advanced … Continue reading

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Vitamin E For Seasonal Allergies And Flu

Vitamin E is a classic anti-oxidant and a nutrient that improves immune function.  It has an affinity for oxygen, protects the cells from damage and paired with Vitamin C is a very dynamic nutritional duo. You may want to consider taking Vitamin E if … Continue reading

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