NEW Product – Cholesterol Lowering

The National Institute Of Health recommends that for lowering cholesterol we add 2000 mg of sterols and stenols daily.

We’ve got that!!

(this is of course in addition to eating less saturated fat and cholesterol, exercise, lose weight, and eat more soluble fiber –  oh we’ve got that too!)

Sterols and stanols are found in fruits, vegetables, plants and grains.

100% of the stenols and sterols you need daily are found in our cholesterol lowering product.

If we were to try and eat what you needed in food each day to get the sterols and stenols you’d need  …

Are you ready?

6.5 cups of soybeans

50 oranges

and 47.5 cucumbers!!


If you are male your cholesterol risks are higher

if you are a postmenopausal your risks increase also

not to mention what genetic disposition you bring …

More than 80 studies have clinically proven that Plant sterols and stanols lower LDL cholesterol.

Who do you know who wants to lower their cholesterol naturally?

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