Marinated Kale

I started making kale this particular way only recently.

Thanks much to my friend Jody and her recipe sharing on Facebook.

Years and years ago I worked in a remarkable fish place. They would steam kale in a garlic broth. We’d squeeze lemon all over it, fresh cracked pepper and we’d all be in kale heaven!  I could never duplicate this.  Was it the type of steamer?? The broth they made?? I have no idea.

I’ve wanted to experiment again with Kale.  Always good to ingest yet another nutrient rich food.

This marinade sounded really good

Take 2 T of Olive Oil, 2 T of Cider Vinegar, 2 T of Tamari,  one clove of fresh garlic and mix. I add hot peppers chopped from my garden.  Toss in Kale and marinate over night.  She said top with sunflower seeds, fresh pepper.  I have added hardboil eggs and beets too.


My Kale is from local farmers Tom And Angie of Ackerman Farms

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3 Responses to Marinated Kale

  1. Roberta says:

    This sounds like an excellent recipe – I’m growing Kale this year and have been juicing it along with mixing it in with salads … but wanted a simple looking recipe for its Kale “focal points” of nutritional value! This sounds like it! Thanks!

  2. Amber says:

    This sounds a lot like a kale salad I bought at my local organic grocery. It was really good – thanks so much for sharing this recipe with me, I’ll try it today!

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