Alternative Nail Polish

photograph by karen hanrahan

Recently, I won a door prize at my BNI meeting for products offered by our groups podiatrist, Dr. Melissa Lockwood of Heartland Foot And Ankle Associates. Her business tag line is “a healthy obsession with feet ” and truth be, that says it all! Melissa is a delightful practitioner with a vibrant practice.

The door prize was two bottles of Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish.  A better safer nail polish.  In the category of toe grooming I fail.   I know,  perhaps that is too much information.  I just don’t give my feet a whole lot of attention. In the summer however I do indulge myself to a few pedicures mainly because those toes are peeking out of sandals and it’s sortof uncool to have them looking unkept.   At my last pedicure my gal informed me of a toe fungus.  Lovely.  I have been treating that.  The timing of my door prize winnings could not have been more perfect. This polish is actually good for my nails!!

Dr.’s Remedy is product that delivers the beautifying benefits of other polishes but without potentially dangerous chemicals most others contain. Dr.’s Remedy — invented by nail experts, who are Board Certified Podiatrists — is enriched with nail strengthening, naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients as well as vitamins and minerals.

Dr.’s Remedy appeals to health-conscious women, including pregnant women, because it removes the potentially harmful additives found in most commercial nail polishes.

Among these chemicals:
– DBP, a potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause birth defects and is banned in Europe
– Formaldehyde, which has been proven to cause cancer
– Toluene, a chemical that the EPA restricts in our drinking water because it can cause nervous system disorders as well as damage to the liver and kidneys.

In addition, Dr.’s Remedy contains naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients, which could benefit women who have suffered from yellow or discolored nails. Fungal nails are the number one reason a patient visits a podiatrist’s office, and Dr’s Remedy is backed the well-respected Board Certified Podiatrists who invented and formulated the product.

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