Immunity Boosting Zinc

When considering what proven trace minerals build your natural immunity consider Zinc

80 % of Americans are deficient in Zinc.


Zinc participates in more that 200 different enzymatic systems in the body. A deficiency in zinc means that none of these essential systems will function normally.

You could be deficient in Zinc if you:

have white spots on your nails
loss of taste, smell or appetite
are slow to heal
have prostate problems
have a delay in sexually maturing
have acne
fertility problems
nerve damage

The Benefits of Zinc include:

promotes healing of wounds/burns
protects the eyes
improves prostate health
necessary for the detoxification of alcohol
may be useful in the treatment of anorexia
essential during pregnancy and lactation
decreases premature delivery
improves common cold and sore throat when used as a lozenger

Diseases/conditions that benefit from Zinc include:

impotency, infertility, prostate health, heart health, immune function, fungal diseases, arthritis, lupus, crythematosus, scleroderma, plymitosis, polyateritis, eye health, acne, sickel cell anemia, hyperactivity, pregnancy, common cold, anorexia

Many know zinc oxide as that white cream that blocks the sun or diaper rash.

Zinc assists other nutrients in the body, consider it  the catalyst in the blood stream for a wandering bit of vitamin C that says where am I needed…zinc gently says, this cell is deficient – please go here.  Crucial.

Sourced from nutrition and you – a field support manual and an article titled 15 reasons to get enough zinc by ruth adams

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