Please Help Pediatric Allergist Dr. Doris Rapp

Perhaps you recall that I am going to be featured in Pediatric Allergist Dr.Doris Rapp’s newest book. I admire her work tremendously. Dr. Rapp has had a profound health impact on thousands of children who suffer from allergies, and yet if you read below she feels frustrated.

Perhaps you could help …

The following is a letter from pediatric allergist, Dr. Doris Rapp M.D.

Dear Friends,

I wonder if you would be willing to help me. Together we might be able to help tens of thousands of children. Alone I seem to do able to do very little.

We Need To Get The Following Information To Our Schools:

Dear ——,

  • Dust, mold, pollen, foods and chemicals certainly can cause much more than cause asthma and hay fever. As you all know allergies can take on many forms and often affects how children feel, act, behave, walk, talk, write, draw, and especially learn. Many different areas of the brain can be affected.
  • There is no doubt that it is possible to raise academic performance and attendance, while lowering infection, allergies, hyperactivity, behavior problems and drop outs. This can all be done while the expenditures of the schools are being reduced. This is a win/win for students, teachers.
  • As many know, when children can’t or won’t learn, there is a tendency to blame the teachers or mothers or the children for being “inadequate, dumb, bad and lazy.” Actually the answer could simply be a missed diagnosis of allergy. If the schools would recognize and attempt to reduce the major environmental allergens interfering with student performance, we could really do a vast amount of good.

What Can We Do To Educate Those In Power To Make Changes?

  • If we could figure out some way to encourage Mrs. Michelle Obama, with my DVD entitled Environmentally Sick Schools (ESS), to spearhead the message, she could absolutely change the future of a vast numbers of children, all over the world. The ESS DVD shows how affected children look, write, act, behave, and has specific examples of children of various ages reacting to dust, mold, pollen, foods and chemicals. Some suggestions are as simple as asking all children to write before and after each class, or lunch, at school. If the writing changes, what exposure caused the change? Some answers are that simple. I have already sent Mrs. Obama the ESS DVD and my books without any response.

I have many testimonials of children successes; one boy was told he could not get through grammar school, and he went to college! Another had an IQ of 57 that rose to over 125 after her allergies were found and treated, and she completed college. I have prayed and thought about it and finally decided to see if everyone on my mailing list would write a letter, come up with other ideas, and send the above information to everyone on their personal mailing lists, we might be able to move some mountains and get the information out. My web site is too small to do much and Facebook is really not a place to get information of this type out.

  • I will also try to send the ESS tape and my book “The Impossible Child at School and Home” to the Commissioners of Education of all the states, if it is not too costly.
  • I cannot afford to send the DVD and book to all if you, but if you pay for postage and mailing, I can have the DVD’s made and I’ll also send you the book, until the books are all gone. Just E- mail me that you want the DVD and I will arrange it. I can E-mail you a PowerPoint Presentation, with DVD’s inserted showing writing changes and the effects of dust, mold, pollen, foods, and chemicals, however, if the videos will transfer to your operating system.

I am most anxious to hear from you. Send mail to drrapp.assistant (at) gmail. Please send me a copy of any letter you decide to send to your own e-mail “family”. You can cut and paste from this letter as you like.

When I look at all the proof I have that absolutely documents that allergies are a big piece of the present day education problem, I feel immensely discouraged. Since 1975, when I learned about Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing and treatment, I have videotaped thousands of children and absolutely can show how common allergens, including foods and chemicals, can adversely affect how children feel and learn. If I asked 1000 doctors, mothers or teachers, however, I doubt if any would be aware of the immense role allergies plays in a the chances of children being able to reach their full academic or physical potential.

Allergies are typically due to foods, dust, mold, pollen, and chemicals. Here is how fast and easy it can sometimes be to resolve some children’s problems.

  1. To find food problems in 5-7 days, many children would be better if they did the Multiple Food Elimination Allergy Diet in any of Dr. Rapp’s books.
  2. To resolve the dust, mold, pollen and chemical problems, in one or very few days, an air purifier can often help. There is one that takes out 3000 chemicals. Call 1.800.787.8780 for more details.

I am most anxious to hear from you if you have some any other creative, original ideas to figure out how we can get the information out to the educational systems in the USA, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Doris J. Rapp M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (emeritus) at SUNYAB

Board Certified in Pediatrics, Allergy and Environmental Medicine

Fax: 480.659.9500

Franceska Zweifler

Assistant to Doris J Rapp M.D.

8040 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 13

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Tel: 480-905-9195


For more info please visit:

E-mail us at: drrapp.assistant (at)

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