Day Two :: No Impact Man Project

The topic today for Day Two of the No Impact Man Project is TRASH

The project asks you to evaluate your trash production and to look for ways to improve the way you manage your trash.

Are you producing trash ??

In our home we got better at our garbage sorting to the point of having much more recyclables at curbside than trash in the can. The landlord we had at the time had a barrel composter of which I could add my veggie scraps and that reduced my wet garbage tremendously. I thought that was pretty cool.

Now as an empty nester, I still follow similar habits.

It takes me two sometimes three weeks to fill a brown paper bag with garbage that goes the curb. I worm compost now – right in my very own basement. It’s so cool! All my fruit and veggie scraps get blended and added to the bin. The worms are digging it

I’ve added more awareness regarding purchasing items with less packaging, but have a way to go in that department.

One thing I know I could do would be to make my own yogurt. I haven’t tried. Other food type things are just challenging as heck.  Cheese in plastic wrappings, prepared stocks or tomato in tetra packs, salad greens when not purchasing from the farmers market etc …

To me the ultimate goal to me would be to not have curbside recyclables at all!!

The truth is I am still producing garbage.  We all are.

What does your trash look like ??

What are your local resources for those odd things you want to recycle? The wiggly light bulbs? Batteries? The project encourages you to check that out and to be more mindful.  Collectively every little bit does help

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