Day Three :: No Impact Project

Transportation.  BIG topic in relationship to the green movement.  Would you agree?

Currently our community is sponsoring a good to go commuter challenge, a friendly neighbor hood competition that encourages one to shift how they get to work.  What are your attitudes about reducing the use of your car? Is it possible for you?

I ask because the logical solution for many is to ride their bike.  Due to car accidents and wrist injuries riding a bicycle isn’t an alternative to me. I would love if it was, and even if I some day get the recumbent bike that might fit my concerns, I don’t think  I’d use it for my commuting efforts. I’d feel too vulnerable. I’d ride my bike on a trail designed for cycling.

I am going to sound like I have a million excuses. But if I wasn’t handicapped regarding bike riding – how would this work??

If I have a business meeting 3 miles away at 7 am, how do I arrive at that meeting looking like a business professional? How do I coif myself, feed myself and allow an additional hour for my green commute? I’d have to get up at 5 in the morning!? or earlier?!  What if it rains?  What if it snows?  How do I then manage the sequential business appointments I might have, again in a timely manner and not have pit stains ? What about all the stuff I need to carry with me? I suppose I could ditch the professional wardrobe and go sporty, and I suppose I could put my hair in a pony tail, and I suppose I could have bags on my bike that hold stuff, including garb for who knows what weather concerns.

Isn’t that sortof like buying more stuff??

and what about all that sweating ??

My son rides his bike everywhere in a major metropolitan city all year round. He carries his life in a back pack, his job is even cycle related. He looks good in those spandex bike shorts, and sweaty suits his I’m 24 and I love my bike attitudes.  He has a nice musky scent to him all the time.  He’s a guy!!

Am I too concern about my appearance ?

I am curious how other woman handle it.

What path would I ride on?? This community is a sprawl of highways, fast food restraunts and malls, it’s not a bike friendly community in anyway.  The mere idea of it actually scares me

I walk. I walk for my well being.  I could walk to the farmers market or to work in the coffee shop and write but for me I wonder how am I going to carry what I need with me? I am telling you that melon I bought last week stuffed in a back pack would not be good for my back — I am just not physically able to manage it.


This is to me why so many balk at these types of shift. Its not easy. It’s not convenient, it takes a remarkable commitment and effort. For those who do it I admire their gumption and tenacity

I will tell you one thing I am proud of regarding my car usage.  I use to hop in the car to go get a lemon I needed for a recipe. I’d think nothing of driving 45 minutes for dinner with a friend. These days I think twice about random car adventures. If I am in an area for work I will make use of that trip and stack my appointments so that with one trip I accomplish many things.  For grocery shopping I go every other month for stocking and I do local intermittent farmers market weekly.  The truth for me because I work from home, my commute is much less than the average person.  Last year the mileage on my car, and my car is a compact car, was 5600 miles for the year. The average is 11 – 17, 000 per year. I can at least feel good about that!

I feel like I could somehow embrace this topic more.  I feel typical in my it’s too hard attitude. I am not exampling this area of my life the way I’d like to. I feel really  whiney about it.

What is good about having green tendencies is that there is room for many shades of green.  If efforts and strides are being made, even small steps – they ALL add up.

Thank you No Impact Man for Day Three and the opportunity to ponder this important topic.

photo by karen hanrahan

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