Re-Use Clothing

This post is for this months green mom’s carnival hosted by our Diane of Big Green Purse

The Topic Is Eco Impact Of Clothing.

By the way did you know that @greenmoms has over 38,000 followers??

Pretty darn impressive – don’t you think ?

photographed by karen hanrahan

I am participating in this months carnival on the Eco Impact Of Clothing because I love this group and can’t wait to learn more.

Yet I have to strongly share that this is a topic I know very little about.

First of all – I personally think I am a fashion nightmare.

Secondly, I have very little to spend on clothing.

Lastly, when I lost all my weight replacing everything was insane.

This had me rethink clothing.

Initially I bought one pair of jeans, one pair of black pants for winter and for summer.  Period.

I stuck with a pair of black shoes and a black pair of sandals.  Period.

I then altered a good portion of what I had. Tucking in a new please make me feel special blouse or bra from time to time.

Perhaps this is somewhat green in that I altered clothing from my closet, and I wasn’t consumer crazy in replacing my entire wardrobe.

However I still buy off rack, mass produced, cotton chemically laden and or who knows what type fabric that is clothing.

I don’t know how or where to begin to do it any differently.

I am like most people.

Here is what motivates me regarding clothing. I have to like the item. I have to feel and look good in it ( and looking good would have to be a matter of preference, as I think I am not particularly stylish) It can’t cost a fortune. I can’t and won’t dry clean it ( and those of you who do — oh my goodness the expense and the chemicals!) Lastly, does it even fit me??  Cuz, that is mostly folks what I personally deal with.

OH the toils of finding something…anything that fits?

Put me in a store or online where something is cute, where the fabric and manufacturing is sustainable, where one item doesn’t bankrupt me AND the stuff fits me ??  I AM THERE.

No place on the planet like this exists.

It feels about as hopeless as trying to find a bra that fits.

Who designs these things anywho?

So……why are their five images of tops at the top of this post?   Because these are my current five favorite things in my closet.   Store bought whatever, I pair any of these items with a pair of jeans, cropped yoga pant, sandle or clog and I feel spiffy.  They are multi-seasonal.  I can add a jacket or a sweater and boom it’s another look.  I don’t have a whirlwind of a lifestyle that requires much of me.  These days I don’t own a dress, skirt, dress shoes, a formal and I don’t even have pantyhose or tights even.

So here is what I am thinking…

Why can’t I reproduce these beloved items for myself ???

The items that I feel work for me.

Ask mother earth if she sews …

she doesn’t

could I learn ??

ask mother earth where she plans on finding fabric

I was actually thinking resale shops

but then I thought gosh perhaps eco fabric ??

Then I thought well if I can’t do it…could I pay someone for the labor?

I provide the fabric and the pattern??

I can’t take credit for this idea because my neighbor suggested it.

Since, I can’t stop thinking about it.

AND to date, this is an idea waiting to happen.

What do you think ???

Wouldn’t that be a business opportunity for someone who loves to sew, who appreciates fabric and recycling?

Know anybody like that ?

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2 Responses to Re-Use Clothing

  1. Diane says:

    Great points about what to buy, Karen. How many shoppers spend money on clothes that may look good but don’t actually fit? I wish I could sew my own, too – I can knit scarves, but the days of whipping up a skirt on my Singer are long past.

    • think of how spiffy everyone looked when detail to clothing was partly because it was all handmade and custom!! i never could sew and i know it might be challenging for me to learn, but i think i’d find it satisfying somehow.

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