Boy Says EWWW to McDonalds

Meet my new little friend

and the wisdom of his youth.

two years ago

in second grade

his parents shared with him my burger story and image

since he’s been the biggest advocate of saying NO to McDonalds’s his school has ever seen!

i asked them to share with me an image of ewwwwww.

photos shared with permission from  his mom

Along with this additional “about  Keegan”

Keegan is 9 years old and in Grade 4. He has a pretty wicked sense of humour – everyone he meets finds him hilarious- he loves to read and play video games (when I let him) and his favorite colour is red.

His favorite subject is Gym, although he does really well in all his subjects -thank goodness!

He loves to read the “Seekers” novels, anything to do with Star Wars and Geronimo Stilton.  Also, anything to do with farting is pretty funny to him.
Keegan is a typical boy! We love him to bits and find him endlessly amusing

If it matters, Scabbers is a ‘Hairless Chinese Crested’ dog. He was named after the rat from Harry Potter (HUGE hugehugehuge fans in this house!) because of his resemblance to a rat. And because of the whole ‘big fans’ thing
They actually call his breed a ‘hairy hairless’ (unofficially) because he is suppose to not have hair, but he has some! He has a full head of hair, a mowhawk all down his back and hairy legs. It is really thin and silky too. Don’t worry tho! He has a jacket, boots and a few sweaters to keep him warm in the Canadian winters!

Unfortunately, I suspect that if he were to have the chance, he would definitely eat McDonald’s. But hey, most dogs eat poo anyway!


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3 Responses to Boy Says EWWW to McDonalds

  1. Joe Moxie says:

    EEE! That’s my big guy!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Joe Moxie

  2. I looked over some thing comparable to your post over at google news… I became interested and began looking around, and then landed here… anyway, I think that I mostly agree with what you talk about here. However I am going to go check what else I can find as well.

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