Try Not Using Your Dryer For A Month!

Deanna Duke Of Crunchy Chicken is sponsoring an October challenge to encourage people to line or otherwise air dry all their laundry for the month to get them in the habit of not using their dryers. She is trying to get at least 100 households to pledge to not use their dryers for the month.

She shares this statistic:

If 100 households don’t use their dryers for a month it will save ~11,100 pounds of CO2 emissions. That’s 5.5 tons of carbon.*

She even included a scripted text for tweeting or sharing on Facebook 

“Join 100 families to save 5.5 tons of CO2 and some $ by air drying ur laundry in October’s Hang Em Dry Challenge:

Care to take it on??

Or pass it on to others to try??

I got my supplies and hung line in my basement! I’m ready! Here come crunchy towels Crunchy Chicken!!

Deanna participates in Green Mom’s Carnival with me and a slew of other green savvy women.

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2 Responses to Try Not Using Your Dryer For A Month!

  1. Vikki B says:

    Love it! I always hang my washing out – it feels amazing, smells great, and saves energy too!

    I will admit to using the dryer in winter, but I’m going to follow your lead and put up a line in the basement, too.

    • Consider doing the October Challenge over at Crunchy Chicken she’s trying to enroll 100 families. She’s a hoot to follow. You can get that basement line up by Friday — can’t ya ??

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