It May Be Phospate Free But Does It Clean?

Phosphates pose a threat to aquatic life and can end up in drinking-water reservoirs. In response to new laws, more and more makers of dishwasher detergents are reducing the amounts of phosphates in their products. But, according to a recent article published by The New York Times, “Cleaner for the Environment, Not for the Dishes,” consumers claim their low-phosphate detergents aren’t getting the job done.

This is SO true!!

That was my complaint when I began searching for phosphate free in the early 90’s

It bothered me tremendously that phosphates were in products at all, even more it bothered me that labels could say phosphate free and have what was determined safe levels.  How is something that destroys aquatic life safe?

Even new laws passed this July allow traces.


Our Automatic Dishwashing Cleanser was the VERY first patented phosphate- Free Auto Powder Concentrate on the market ever. and STILL is!

As a matter of fact the entire cleaning line is ALL Phosphate – Free and will always be

Best Best yet, oh my gosh — the stuff works!!

It actually cleans!



Imagine that?!

The Auto-Dish Product was the first purchase I made with the company I now so proudly represent!

Funny,  I just shared this story yesterday!! ( Hi Jennifer!)

What story would you like to share?

You too could do your part for the environment and switch brands.

I  bet  you’d have a story to share with those you know, and I bet they’d have a story too !!

See how this works??

By the way…

Cost Comparison

Cascade costs – 28.4 cents per load

Seventh Generation cost – 40.4 cents ( and we wonder why folks think green products cost more??)

Our Product costs 19.4 per load

and while that may seem like pennies

Our product does 48 loads

the other brands only do 21 loads.

Yikes — Phosphate Free AND Cost Savings!!


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