350.0rg is campaigning for global awareness on 10-10-10 to share concerns and then take those concerns back to our politicians.

I thought I’d share the works of  Canadian  journalist and environmental essayist Frank James for my contribution to this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival. Harriet of Climate Mama is our hostess.

The title of Franke’s post is — What can one person do when 6.8 billion are frying the planet??


What do we do when our single voice might be passionate and caring and yet we feel sometimes so very alone!

Franke’s environmental essays are as she says sometimes “like giving birth” and yet in her very own creative way she leaves a wake of strong sourced politically savvy and provocative inquiry. She asks. She wonders and best of all she acts!!

Similar really to the collective power of our green moms carnival network and the  remarkable passion, minds and spirit of a group of woman who believe that our voices together are stronger, mightier …and followed by thousands!!

image by karen hanrahan

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3 Responses to 10-10-10

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  2. A wonderful choice to link to, Karen! Thank you!

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