Flu or a Cold?

This post was written in 2009, when swine flu was raging, thus the languaging and image of a pig below.  Here it is 2010, Tis the season, the symptoms certainly don’t change – that’s for sureThe Difference Between Cold And Swine Flu Symptoms

( thank you to nutritionist Barbara Lagoni for sharing this)

If you have the flu, specifically swine flu….

you will have a fever – 80% of all flu cases have a fever, often above 100 degrees and for several days
you will have a dry, non-mucous producing cough
you will have the chills – 60% of those who have the flu have the chills
you will experience moderate to severe tiredness
you will have a headache – 80% of all flu cases experience headaches
you will have chest discomfort, often severe
flu onset is rapid within 3-6 hours, the symptoms high fever, aches and pains are sudden

Where as with a cold…

no fever is present
those with a cold often have a hacking productive cough
you can be slightly body achy with a cold
a stuffy nose is very common with a cold
no chills when you have a cold
you may feel slightly tired
cold symptoms develop over days
a sore throat is common with a cold

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4 Responses to Flu or a Cold?

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  2. brigid says:

    Thanks for posting this. It is sometimes hard to know when to start worrying. Especially for people like me who rarely get ill. I feel like I’m dying when I just have a cold 🙂

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