Mother Earth Says Wash Your Hands

I worked once with a group of seniors and was sharing with them how important  it was for them to drink water and stay hydrated.

One of the men said, ” wanna know why we don’t drink water?”  WHY?  “cuz drinking water makes us pee!”  And going to the bathroom is a problem? Jokingly he said, “well, when you’ve been doing it for 80 years, it gets to be a bother!”

I had to laugh.

Yet the reality of his comments spoke to how issues of health and well being  for some can sometimes be a bother.

Take for instance the CDC recommending us to wash our hands more frequently to help stop the spread of the flu.

In recent days I have heard many folks complain about how they hate washing their hands more because the soap they are using is wreaking havoc with their skin!

Ever see some folks hands?  Raw, red, and chapped from the changing weather and too much hand and dish washing?

Well, not all soaps are created equal.

As a matter of fact my favorite recommendation is a NON-soap bar, that is positively delicious to use.  Very emollient and lightly fragrant with oatmeal, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil.  PH balanced ( non-stripping) and biodegradable.

I also recommend a liquid hand wash. I dilute this by 50% making it very economical. Or better yet I use a foamer.  Something that I can pump and not rinse.  Very quick . Natural botanical formula, also biodegradable surfactants, non-toxic and also PH balanced.

What’s with PH Balanced?

If a personal care product is too acidic or high in PH it’s strips the acid mantle.  Your acid mantle is what protects your skin, your largest body organ.

How about what you use to hand wash your dishes ? Is your product sourced from natural, sustainable plant sources? Mild on your hands, lightly fragrant, have long lasting suds and leave your dishes sparkling??

( this product is 32% more effective than Clorox Green and 92% more effective then the Seventh Generation brand)

This product was also awarded the 2008 PTPA Media Award


May your hands survive your preventative washing and squeaky clean dishes!!

P.S. I am not a fan of anything anti-bacterial. Triclosan, a very common ingrediant in those types of products, ends up in our water source and is acutely and chronically toxic to aquatic life. Not to mention a host of other horrific concerns. It’s beyond me that this is so widely recommended

funny didn’t wash cartoon flickr image credit

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