Hanky Panky

Remember hankies??

You didn’t think this post was going to be something well… flirty,  did you ??

Sorry — this is post is about a green alternative to kleenex!

I adore the florals, the bright colors and the feeling of the worn vintage cotton hankies

I think they are just beautiful.

The picture below are just a few from my vintage collection.  See the one in top corner right? I have had that one since I was 6. Grandmother Hanrahan gave it to me. It stayed in my nightstand forever.

I started using hankies several years ago.

Maybe because a lot of crying was going on.

Maybe because I had this collection and I thought I should really use them.

Maybe because it occured to me that kleenex use of all things, could be reduced simply by using a hankie instead.

( kleenex has a “let it out” blog?  Clever.)

I have occasion where my eyes tear. Wind, bright sun or extreme cold will do that to me.  Today tears were streaming down my cheeks as I walked the dog.  I’ve always been like that.  A hankie is always in my purse. Another in the car.  Of course they are in the house or in all my pockets. When I use them and it’s only a tear or two I figure it’s probably OK to use again. If I use them and wipe my nose they hit the laundry and I grab a clean one.

If I have a serious cold I go back to kleenex merely cuz of the germy factor

Sometimes my palms get clammy.  Does that ever happen to you? I used a hankie on my wedding day for that reason. I know one probably shouldn’t blog tell everyone and say that that you get clammy hands but my message here is really about the pretty hankies that help me resolve that little occasional personal concern.

Have you ever thought about how much kleenex you use?

What great alternatives and green solutions hankies are!  If you ever leave one in your pocket it will never ever make a mess in your laundry. I promise.

Maybe I am an old lady reincarnated!

Or maybe I am just too darn practical.

Not into vintage hankies ? Consider this local and handmade soft flannel source from MilkweedMercantile

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6 Responses to Hanky Panky

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Karen,

    Love the article and couldnt agree more, my wife and I are both passionate hanky users and I certainly don’t leave home without one. What we are doing is we’re campaigning for greener greenies! We want to encourage everyone to ditch the wasteful tissues and to use these gorgeous tree saving devices and we have done this by designing our own range of organic cotton hankies, packaged in funky recycled packaging. You can visit our website at http://www.hankypankyhankies.com and see what we are all about.

    Hanky Chief!

    • Hi Paul – thank you! Good Luck with your business. Your product has quite the travel footprint!

      • Jo says:

        It seems a shame to put a negative spin on our hankypanky hankies when you are trying to get people to use hankies. It may have a travel footprint but consider the fact that you use your hanky year in year out and one tissue gets thrown immediately. Up until last year kleenex were using virgin rainforests!! We are just trying out best to do our bit for our beautiful planet and vintage hankies will eventually run out. The trouble is also that Australia exports the majority of it’s organic cotton – go figure! We just want to encourage everyone to support greener greenies no matter how they do it! Great site by the way – interesting stuff. All the best…

      • I know that we are all trying to do the best we can and I agree about having options green as can be no matter how. thanks for peeking at my site and good luck with hanky panky hankies.

  2. Roberta says:

    What a good post! I’ve only recently (for the past four years) discarded tissue in place of hankies. Mostly because I hardly ever have Kleenex laying around and always forgot to BUY the stuff … which resulted in one day tearing up an old jersey pillow case in sheer desperation for tissue during an awful cold. And then it just STUCK (no pun intended) around the house and in my little grey cells! 😉 Now, I’m known in the family as the “aunt who offers a hankie” … I love when good ideas are both environmentally sound AND cost-effective! (… and by the way, I read the articles above and LOVE your outpour of, once again, useful information of vital vitamins!) 🙂

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