Organic Cattle Worming

Farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface, Inc ( and FOOD Inc fame ) recommends this remarkable all purpose product for organic cattle worming.

When eager local farm to fork farmer Ken Myszka found out I sold this plant based product he enthusiastically wanted to purchase “special h” some so he too could add it to his animals water as a dewormer.

Now let me say that this type of use of Basic H is not company endorsed. However,  you will find many farmers who swear by it on the farm chat boards. Joel references it often in his books and demonstrates using a glug – a – glug of it in his cattle’s water on his DVD.

With that endorsement Ken wanted nothing else for his cattle.

I am delighted to be part of all that Ken of Epiphany Farms and his enterprise are up to.

If I can be a supplier to any other farmers. Let me know!

OH — This highly concentrated product is multi-use. Farmers can also use it for all their cleaning needs, including rinsing off their fruits and vegetables!

Gary, the long horn bull of epiphany farms

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