Why Vitamin E ?

Vitamin E is a classic anti-oxidant and a nutrient that improves immune function.  It has an affinity for oxygen, protects the cells from damage and paired with Vitamin C it’s a very dynamic nutritional duo.

You may want to consider taking Vitamin E if you:

have cold hands and feet, poor circulation
hot flashes
heart trouble
are slow to heal
restless legs
cystic breast disease
varicose veins
hardening of arteries
fertility problems

Benefits of Our Natural Vitamin E include:

Anti-oxidant: prevents heart disease by up to 75%
protects lungs from air pollution
protects cells from premature aging and supprts brain health
reduces risk of colon,lng and prostate cancer
increases endurance
improves immune function
helps parkinson’s disease

above information sourced from nutrition and you

Over 1000 studies confirm the safe and efficacious use of Vitamin E Supplements

You can count on our product sources to be of the highest quality. Our Vitamin E additionally  has grapeseed, selenium and tocopherol in it.

Naturally sourced Vitamin E is utilized by the body more efficiently. Grapeseed extract – a powerful anti-oxidant also contains beneficial polyphenols. Selenium is helpful for the health of the prostate.

Golden glorious healthy for you E flickr images

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