Why Natural Interferon?

The testimony below was shared via email from a fellow sales leader named Kris – thank you!

I have an older friend that has Chronic Lymphcytic Leukemia. His name is Alvin. There are two types of Lymphcytic – B cell, which is slow growing and T cell which grows faster. There is treatment for the slower, that puts it in remission. But there is no treatment that works well for T cell. Alvin has the T cell. I have been taking him to the cancer specialist since spring. Every two months at his appointment, his white count had risen. At one of the latter appontments I asked the Dr. if interferon was ever used to help stop the disease. He said that’s an interesting thought. So I pulled out my pamhlet on our natural interferon. He said that it wouldn’t hurt to try. Alvin has taken 3 of our natural interferon and 3 Vita C each day for two months. At his last appointment the Dr was amazed. Alvin’s blood levels greatly improved. The Dr said they were right back to where he wanted them. And to keep doing what he was doing and extended his appointments to every three months. We are just thrilled.

Imagine if one can see these results for this type of cancer, maybe they’d see results with other types too?

Our natural interferon was a powerful discovery in immune system science, it’s exclusivity with our company speaks highly of our ability to source and produce something of this caliber. It makes me proud to represent this company.  The product is designed for daily use and increases the production of your body’s natural interferon, a critical activator of the immune system.

This product works at the cellular level in two ways:

rapidly activates your immune system’s defenses
mobilizes the immune systems “search and destroy” teams

This product would be valid/helpful for you: if you are undergoing cancer or chemo, have allergies or asthma, have any auto immune disorders: MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis,etc.,Hepititis C, PMS, Colds and Flu, Thyroid disorrders, West Nile Virus, avian flue, SARS, HIV/Aids Virus

I mentioned this exclusive globally patented natural interferon today because of our cold and flu prevention topic focus this month, the timing of this testimony was perfect and kudos to this medical practitioner who didn’t say no to an herbal supplement.

Should you take this product the benefits include: regulation and stimulation of natural interferon production, increased resistance to infection, optimized immune repose against viruses,environmental irritants and airborne pollutants, a safe natural immune stimulant, activation of the body’s natural ” killer cells”

The Dr. who discovered the drug interferon, Dr. Kojima is the very same doctor who methodically strived for 40 years to find the plant extract natural version. Four published human clinical studies confirm the validity of this formula.  There is no other product like it in the world and no other company has the rights to share it.

Do you know anyone immune system challenged?

interferon flickr image credit

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3 Responses to Why Natural Interferon?

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  2. Tony says:


    Can this Natural Interferon be used whilst pregnant? Also are there any side effects with using it? Is there any evidence or testimony on its effectivness on Hep C ?

    Thanks Tony

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