Say NO to Cement

Say NO to Cement.

Wow –pretty dramatic thought isn’t it ?

This post is for this months Green Mom’s Carnival hosted by Lisa Sharp of Retro Housewife Goes Green

The entire carnival and commentary can be found here

Each of us has things we deem important to be a part of.  Green Mom’s Carnival to me is one of those things. A dynamic, diverse amazing group of woman chiming in together to say our piece about all things green

I’d say cement isn’t my thing.

But if I was like Lisa who lived right in a town where cement is made, I’d probably be tooting the anti-cement horn too.

Cement is a lot like plastic. It’s everywhere, pervasive as all heck used in everything we build.

Yet, we take it for granted until someone educates us or draws our attention.

A did you know awareness type of thing.

My awareneness was recently sharpened by the health harm Lisa and her town residents are experiencing.

I can’t and won’t claim expertise here. All I can say is cement production is an overwhelming alarming polluting mess.

With all things environmental what are our choices?

For the carnival I thought I’d share  the story about one woman, Franke James, someone whom I admire tremendously –who fought the city of Toronto and won  regarding laws that said her driveway must be cement.

I think it’s people like her who question the rules and act on them that make a difference on this planet!!

Read further Franke’s environmental essay Paradise Unpaved.

Franke James

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing, this is awesome!

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