Supplement Users ARE Healthier.

Take good care of yourself now…your future health depends it.

Perhaps you recall my mentioning the publication of our companies Landmark Study, in Nutrition Journal, an online, peer-reviewed international human nutrition journal.

I thought it was important to share with you the significant research that supports what it is we do!

The study is entitled Usage Patterns, Health, and Nutritional Status of Long-Term Multiple Dietary Supplement Users.

It is the first-ever study on long-term users of our companies dietary supplements.

It found that these OUR users comparatively hadmarkedly better health than those who took supplements from other brands or who took no supplements at all, as measured by higher blood levels of key nutrients and more optimal levels of key health biomarkers.

This publication supports and enhances our scientific credibility, the significant differences our company strives for and offers a trusted source of nutrition information.

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