Reduced Shipping Offer!

My themes of interest and ideas for holiday healthy gifting include:

Weight Loss
What are your strategies for seasonal eating?

Are you interested in losing weight come January?
If so, how can I help?

Shifting To Green Cleaning
Our cleaning products are a great start to shifting to green.
One can do a total overhaul or do one room at a time.
Let me help you decide which might fit your budget.
Green cleaning is a gift that keeps giving.


Stress Relief
cuz guess what….tis the season!!

The holidays are hugely stressful!

Stress is hard on the systems of your body increasing your health risks.

Taking care of you helps reduce the risk during these stressful times, I’d like to support you.

To help a bit with your gifting I am having three days of reduced shipping JUST FOR YOU!

This is my treat – 50% off of shipping.

December 14, 15th and 16th – orders placed on the 16th in most circumstances should arrive by the holiday.

You can order from me, order online or shift your auto-ship dates to one of the three designated days listed above

P.S.  Order a 70 point order and your membership is FREE, this is through December 31st.  Membership saves you 15% and normally is 19.95.   Great Savings!

Happy Healthy Holidays!!!

image by karen hanrahan

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