Dancing With My Moon

Like many woman I use disposable products while menstruating.

As alternative and green minded as I many think I am, I had never heard of a moon cup until this past year.

My association with green moms carnival continues to enrich my life. Much of the green goals I’ve aspired to in 2010 came from something one of these great ladies has shared. This particular item I learned about from crunchy chicken

I have to say I didn’t really get how this apparatus was going to work. I mean I understand the concept. I just couldn’t imagine the reality.  What I read and watched on video didn’t really prepare me for my first dance with my menstrual cup.

The darn thing was tricky and messy.  Past that, and I do mean past that because I got better at it as I got through my period,  I think the thing is positively brilliant.

I have been cycling for 38 years. When I think of the money I would have saved, the reduction of exposure to toxins, and mostly adding way less to the landfills. I really wish I had known about the menstrual cup sooner!!

As I have shared my new found experience with other woman most are just not interested in the moon cup.


Conceptually you insert this cup, it forms a suction on your vaginal wall and blood drips into the cup.  Very different than soaking into a tampon or dripping onto a pad.

A moon cup involves insertion.  Like fingers touching your anatomy insertion.  The cup is medical grade silicone, a rather firm material, that has to be held folded and then positioned correctly vaginally or else it’s not going to be comfortable, or like what happened to me, it will put pressure on your bladder enough that I couldn’t pee!

This inserting detail to many seems to just gross them out.

When it’s removed to drain, you really do need to be near a sink. In a public restroom I am to assume this might be a challenge. I was at home for my first experience.  As I think about it and figure out how to better navigate that part of it.  I personally would remove it, drain and rinse while I was in the shower, past that I’d also drain it into the toilet bowl and reinsert, rather than messing with trying to rinse each and every time.  Because I at first didn’t have it positioned correctly I was taking it out and putting it in each and every time I urinated and I thought my goodness what a bother.  I later inserted it further back past the pubic bone and realized OH I didn’t have it in right! I bet that happens to a lot of woman. Especially if they are not intimately familiar with their intimates!

I am curious how woman who have a heavy flow enjoy this gadget, to me you’d have to remove and drain in a timely way. I personally never filled the cup. Had I gotten it in right, and wasn’t taking it out all the time.  I would have.  I will have to see what happens next menses. I found it fascinating actually, this vessel filling with blood and the color of it.  It was really a gorgeous color.  I just never noticed that before. Why would you with disposable products??

Maybe I am odd to find the beauty in it.   I just did.

My menstrual cup cost me $34. I saved for it and swore once I ran out of pads I’d get one. Not sure about you, but I seemed to have a perpetual supply of pads. What was that about?  Finally, I ran out – bought the cup and proceeded to have one of my 52 day menopausal cycles. I was beginning to think wouldn’t it be ironic if I stopped bleeding now just when I wanted to try this method. Needless to say, I am not done yet.

I completely recommend this product.

There are a zillion different brands. I started with this one as I could purchase it locally and I can say I am very happy with it.

images by karen hanrahan

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10 Responses to Dancing With My Moon

  1. Krista says:

    Great article.
    I also love my cup. I started using one in 1997. I’ve travelled in Africa for 10 years with it and a handfull of re-usable pads made from flannel. I graduated from an A to a B when I had my babies. Several ladies have regretted asking me how I deal with my cycle in places where there’s no drugstore on the corner…or a corner for that matter. As you say, many are squeamish but I am perfectly happy. I am glad to have been off that particular consumer treadmill for a long time.

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  4. Roberta says:

    I’ve never heard of the moon cup! It sounds wonderful … then upon stumbling on the image of what looks and resembles to be a toilet-plunger, I have to admit: it looks a little freaky! 😉 But, nonetheless, I’m always up for innovative and “green” concepts of every kind! And you’re so “spot” on (pun intended, darling): there is SO MUCH waste when it comes to a woman’s menstrual cycle regarding the disposal tampons and pads. I’ve always had a lot of luck with Jade & Pearls’ “Sea Sponge” tampons. They come in a few different sizes for different days … but the only downfall is it can be a bit “messy” during the heavier flows. I’ll have to save up, though, and give the moon cup a try! 🙂 Thanks for a good post!

    • this is a discovery i think you might be very pleased about – i agree it DOES resemble a plunger, oh my gosh that’s such a great parallel! Glad you commented Roberta!

      • Roberta says:

        I actually talked to one of my friends about this … and told her all about it. As soon as I said “moon cup” she said, “YES! I’ve heard about those!!” Apparently, I must be a few steps behind the new “green” menstrual technologies! Love your blog!

      • its so funny you say that because sometimes I too feel way out of the loop…glad you are learning, becoming and sharing AND I love your comments here!!

  5. 52 day cycles? Oh my, how is it I just learned that from you? Isn’t that something our Mothers are supposed to warn us about? Yikes. Lots to look forward to.
    LOvE this post!

    • You crack me up Lynn. Not my mom!! Perhaps other moms did/do. My experience working with menopausal woman is no two of us are the same. Your experience will be your very own. Way great to see your comment here especially today. Sending the vibe!

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