DeClutter Greenly

This post is for this months Green Mom’s Carnival sponsored by our Amber of

Crafting Your Life

The theme is DeCluttering!

This time of year has many of us getting re-organized.

Personally I like how cathartic the process of decluttering can be.

Do you?

Sometimes though, it can be mind boggling when you want to get rid of greenly.

In the old out of site out of mind days one just put all to curb and forgot about it.

Nowadays, or at least for my sensibilities…

I either find new homes for things, or recycle very responsibly.

Here is some of the headway I have made so far with my current declutter projects:

Did you know that some recycling centers will take your dead strings of holiday lights and pay you for them?

My pile is going to find a useful place at Morris Tick Recycling Center

image by karen hanrahan

I recently have found someone who will sell items for me on Ebay. Could I do this myself? Sure. I just don’t have the patience for it. I am OK with giving her a commission to sell my stuff, and best of all to find folks who may have a use for some things I have that I’d rather not land in the landfill. I am excited by this creative way to get rid of things!

images by karen hanrahan

left to “sell” and photograph, an outside table umbrella and pedestal and a few misc. items

Funds acquired from sales will go to my seeds and garden come spring ( equally exciting and motivating )

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3 Responses to DeClutter Greenly

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  2. Condo Blues says:

    I don’t have the patience for selling on eBay either. I usually donate my items to a charity thrift store and take it as a tax deduction.

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