Have Any Liquid Ooomph Lately?

Our healthy weight loss program has many elements to it. 

A signature component and a product I simply adore is our green, red and white tea also called “liquid ooomph”
The FDA prohibits nutritional companies from making medicinal claims regarding this incredibly valuable product, however if you do your research, you will discover that this is a tea that you will want to drink every single day due to the long list of benefits.
Here is the benefits of one nutrient element of green tea – Taurine:

*provides detoxifying properties

*provides antioxidant properties, and guards cellular tissue against toxic substances

*causes fat solubilization

*increases the production of bile in the liver (helps keep bile in a liquid state, and is less likely to form gallstones)

*critical for brain development – is used to treat anxiety, epilepsy, hyperactivity, poor brain function and seizures.

*critical for eye health … a deficiency causes retinal degeneration … adequate amounts of taurine reduce the risk of macular degeneration

*stabilizes cell membranes in electrically active tissues such as the brain & heart. In the heart it strengthens the heart muscle and helps stabilize arrhythmias by keeping potassium and magnesium inside the cells and keeping excess sodium out.

*helps regulate blood pressure and reduces serum cholesterol levels

*acts like a diuretic, without the side effects of pharmaceutical diuretics

*reduces symptoms of Type 1 or insulin-dependant diabetes by strengthening the beta cells in the pancreas

*helps people with cystic fibrosis to digest fats more successfully

*provides respiratory protection and is useful in the treatment of Asthma

the above information was sourced from an email from martha wilmore nutritionist

green tea plantation flickr image credit

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