The Amino Acid Leucine And Weight Loss

Oh Happy New Years Resolutions to you…

Woman’s First Magazine touts our “inch loss program” and it’s secret ingredient Leucine, as the amazing amino acid that speeds the burning of fat!!

UCLA research states 33% of woman are not getting enough protein building blocks in their diets!

In particular Leucine deficiencies are often to blame for the buildup of subcutaneous fat!

(the adipose tissue that adds extra layers to the surface of the body!!)

Increased leucine levels signal the body to shed this stubborn surface fat!!!

Are you deficient of this amino acid??

Leucine deficiencies include: fatigue, muscle weakness, cramps, headaches, dizziness, blue moods, irritability, brain fog, frequent infections, slow wound healing.

Want to learn more about our leucine rich weight loss program?

Call our Dr Jamie and listen to her 3 minute message: 925.924.3030

Go to the weight loss section of my website

measuring inch loss success flickr image

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