Why detox?? Well, there are a million reasons to cleanse major areas of the body, and millions of approaches one can take. You can focus on one area in particular, or approach the project as a whole. Detoxification for some can be unpleasant, but my philosophy is if getting toxins out of the body is a little icky ( how’s that word for a scientific explanation ), better to get it out of my body now than have it wreak havoc in my body later.

Several medicinal herb products; Natural LaxativeMilk Thistle, Friendly Bacteria andAlfalfa which are highlighted briefly below, contribute to a comprehensive detoxification program. Taken for 30 days, one will notice more energy, a clearer state of mind, regular and complete bowels and a stronger resistance to virus’s, flu or the common cold. Other products like Garlic, Fiber and Digestive Enzymes are also great to add to the program. I also included a product that relieves stress or state of mind detoxing and to blunt the over production of cortisol.

I drank a ton of water!! Water and Fiber are the two vehicles used to flush toxins from the body.

The colon is the most significant organ in our body, it is said that all health begins in the colon and I agree with that statement. Dr. William Donald Kelley a nationally known nutritional consultant says, 80% of people who take vitamins do not absorb them due to build up of waste material in the colon. It’s fair to say this statement applies to absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat as well. The natural healing profession has long known that well over 90% of degenerative disease conditions can be directly related to intestinal stasis, that is, a stagnant, fermenting condition within the bowels and related organs. This condition does not necessarily correspond to actual known constipation as one might think. A person can move their bowel many times a day, but not move the horrific debris that gathers. Over time this accumulation can contribute to a re-circulation of toxins throughout the entire body
( ewwwwwwww! ) and give rise to an endless chain of disease conditions.

The founder of our Company created in 1917 (!!) an extremely impressive product based on how strongly he felt about the relationship of the colon to overall health. Herbal medicines have a fabulous and impressive history and in my opinion play a significant role in a solid health plan. Some herbs can be used daily. Others occasionally. While others are used for specific conditions as alternatives to medications. Natural Laxative, one of our signature products utilizes the herb senna and is safe to use daily. This product can not be compared to artificial television colon cleansers which often evoke an emergency response, are irritating to the tissues, sometimes even damaging. Good high quality products will strengthen, normalize, cleanse and detoxify the colon.

Note: Not all medicinal herbal products are created equal. Make sure to purchase from a company you can trust.

The Liver is an equally important organ that often gets overlooked. The liver is a filter for every single toxin that comes into our body and the toxins stay there. We change the filters of our cars, our furnaces and even our tap water, but how can we clean the liver?? Someone once described it to me like this; imagine never ever wiping the windshield off on your car ever, and imagine how grimey that windshield would get. How would that effect how we see out of our car? How can a major organ keep our body clean if the filter is not cleaned once in a while? Milk Thistle is an amazing medicinal herb that can actually regenerate the cells in the liver. I am continually amazed at the wisdom of our human body, and when given the right tools how it can do remarkable things.

Acidophilous Bifidus, huh? That’s a techy way of saying friendly bacteria!! Many know about this live culture which is often found in yogurt. Would you believe that by the time we reach adulthood that the balance of the friendly bacteria in our colon is greatly reduced or even depleted?

Why restore this important bacteria?

Better digestion, enhanced immune function and a stronger resistance to parasites and other microbial bad guys are just a few reasons! Our friendly bacteria was product perfection in the making, it took them eight years to get it just right, but the teeny tiny pearl was worth the wait and more. Ours is the only product that can guarantee delivery of friendly bacteria to the colon. 500 million of the good guys each and every time!! Others on the market can not make that claim.

Another important herb in a detox program is Alfalfa. Alfalfa’s deep deep root system pulls in a zillion nutrients and minerals from the soil. It’s leaves are chlorophyll rich, which is very, very cleansing.

Throughout the next week I will share a bit more in depth about how the above nutrients and herbs  can be used as detoxification tools.

pink grapefruit flickr image

Know anyone who might benefit from a nutritional consultation?? My business is based entirely on word of mouth referrals, please don’t keep me a secret!! Share this information with those you know.

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