My Liver Thanks You Milk Thistle!

I applaud the many of you who are choosing to detoxify after the holiday season of rich foods, high sugar and alcohol consumption.

There are many nutrients that we offer for detoxification.

A detailed outline of how you can detoxify and why can be found here

Today I’d like to highlight the detoxifying herb Milk Thistle

Your liver is one organ in the body that fights toxins, you especially need Milk Thistle if you : Have liver problems, are feeling sluggish, have hepatitis, live work or commute in polluted areas, work with hazardous chemicals, smoke or experience second hand smoke, overindulge in alcoholic beverages, use ANY over the counter or prescription drugs, or have had food poisoning

The benefits of this medicinal herbal remedy include: protection and detoxification of the liver, regeneration of liver tissue, can treat cirrhosis of the liver, can help treat viral hepatitis, stimulates bile flow, reduce the risk of gallstones, is an antioxidant, lowers serum cholesterol

To find out more about our milk thistle product read the more info tab

Read research articles that support the use of Milk Thistle

Be reminded that not all herbal products are created equally. Be sure you are purchasing the highest of quality product, especially with herbs. Many companies misrepresent their label, have very poor standardization and/or  no standards for quality control

We offer the very best of science and nature.


milk thistle flickr image credit

* don’t know about you, but when i see natural beauty like the above image and realize that this gift of beauty is also a natural gift that heals – i totally get goosebumps

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2 Responses to My Liver Thanks You Milk Thistle!

  1. sheila glazov says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. I really enjoyed the facts about how the liver works and takes care of our body. I apprecite the valuable education you offer your readers!

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