Artistic Chef Challenge

Posted this bit of what I was making for dinner blurb on facebook tonight:

tofu stir fry, purple cabbage, kale, portabella, serrano, carrot and zucchini sauteed in garlic, red curry paste, soy, black bean paste over brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seed, a splash of green onion – is it me or are veggies just beautiful ??

only to have someone enthusiastically prompt me to enter this local foodie challenge!

So I snapped an image, got the recipe down into a pdf format ( thanks ruthie!) and poof I have officially entered Twin City’s Restaurant Week’s Artistic Chef Challenge!

What have I gotten myself into? Stay tuned…

Here is the recipe:

Tofu Stir Fry by Karen Hanrahan

Sautee in large skillet or wok one package Cubed Firm Organic Tofu in olive oil, with one clove crushed garlic, spoon tip of red curry paste, a tablespoon of jarred bean and chile sauce, splash of fish and soy sauce. Cook until coated and slightly brown.

Make Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley in Veggie Stock.  ( Brown Rice,  Black Barley, Daikon Radish Seeds )

Set timer for 35 minutes.

Remove Tofu from skillet, add 1 C chopped kale, 1 C thinly slivered purple cabbage, sliced serrano pepper with seeds and simmer until colors deepen.  About 5 minutes. Add portabello mushrooms simmer maybe 2 minutes until slightly cooked.

Turn off heat

Add 1 C shredded carrot and zucchini. Toss in cooked rice and tofu. Turn heat on, toss gently until warmed through.

Add green onion cut on a diagonal

This dish is healthy, pretty AND  spicy.

Tofu Stir Fry - Image by Karen Hanrahan

image by karen hanrahan

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