Keep Your College Kid Healthy!

Keep Your College Kids Healthy.

Oh my gosh 

It’s winter.

College kids are back in school.

Ever observe these kids as they are run around in shorts, coats wide open, crazy very full you’ve got to be kidding schedules??   We all know their very poor eating habits.

Many of them are sick!

What’s a mom to do?

What college kid do you know who might want to take on their health and well being?

Perhaps  you know a parent or two that might want to send a healthy take care of yourself care package?

The following high quality nutritional supplements and non-toxic green clean products are very popular with college students:

Things to Take at First Sign of Illness:

vitamin c

Healthy Breakfast and Snacks on the go:

meal replacement
meal replacement with added fiber
meal in a bar
snack bar – quick fuel
sports hydration product

Personal Care Products – not petro derived:

hand and body lotion

bath gel
non-soap bar
herbal cream for athletes feet

Non Toxic – Green Cleaning Products:

all purpose* – now comes in wipes too
germicide* – also comes in wipes
laundry* – liquid or powder or HE formulas
softener* – liquid or sheets (dryer sheets are made from vegetables)

* these have dispensing products that help usage

Clean Filtered Water:

pitcher and one filter – silver free
replacement filter/last 2 months or buy a 6 pack and get a filter free

OTHER* ___________________

*other products could include plant sourced paraben free shampoo, plant sourced skin caremineral sourced talc-free makeup etc

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