Genital Herpes And Nutritional Supplements

Certain nutritional supplements may provide a natural prevention strategy to reduce the occurrence and or the severity of a Genital Herpes outbreak.

Nutrients that benefit the skin:

Vitamin C

Cartonoids  and Flavonoids

Friendly Bacteria

Nutrients that reduce inflammation naturally:

Vitamin C


Fish Oil

Nutrients that improve immunity and healing:

Vitamin C

Beta Carotene

Vitamin E

Cartonoids and Flavonoids

Friendly Bacteria

Natural Interferon


Nutrients depleted by stress:

B Complex


Vitamin C


Nutrients that support hormonal balance:




above information sourced from prescription for nutritional healing.

Genital Herpes is sexually transmitted and once in your system never leaves.  It is contagious and incurable. Often it is silent or completely without symptoms. Many have it and don’t even know. Safe sex practices, keeping one’s self very healthy and communication with any potential sexual partner is key. A sexually transmitted disease diagnosis can be very alarming, confusing and have one feel “like a leper”.  Don’t let the disease define you.  Society can unfortunately be very labeling.

Many sites list that these things also trigger outbreaks:

menstrual cycle

emotional stress

physical stress

sexual intercourse



another virus, or illness – especially w/ fever

surgical trauma

steroidal meds

poor diet.

Interestingly the nutrients that benefit someone with Genital Herpes are all nutrients that can also benefit the above triggers.

Natural topical treatments for outbreaks include: ice, epsom salt baths, tea tree oil, or soothing anti-viral creams.

Foods that contain L-argine, an amino acid, should be eaten in moderation during an outbreak. L-argine supresses L-lysine, also an amino acid, that retards the growth of the virus.

L-argine foods include: chicken, soy, grain, nuts and seeds, dairy, chocolate – during outbreaks citrus foods should also be avoided.

winter icicle image by karen hanrahan

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2 Responses to Genital Herpes And Nutritional Supplements

  1. Ron Frazier says:

    Thank you. So much helpful research you shared. Those hearing about this diagnosis for the first time will find this very reassuring. There are worse afflictions, even if at the time of finding out, it might seem like Herpes is THE worst.

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