Blizzard 2011

our part of the world is on hold waiting for a blizzard to arrive.

schools closed, snow days, businesses closing early….

i admit i stopped yesterday to get a few items at the grocery story to fill in the next few days..

boy was that lunacy

i amused myself looking at what folks were purchasing.

and was in awe at the panic that seemingly filled the store.


i got veggies, a bit of chocolate, some wine…

its a party right??

on the way home i snapped these

phase one of blizzard 2011

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2 Responses to Blizzard 2011

  1. Of course it’s a party! Party at the Cheetos isle at Kroger! Great pics Karen – well done!

    • Thanks Eric!!! I saw a woman who had a dozen boxes of cheerios, and two cases of beer. I said, i am trying to imagine the need for so much Cheerios. Perhaps you have the rest of the ingredients for snack mix at home? She said it was for the birds. I wonder how the birds ever survived without her, and even more how awful Cheerios must be for them. I also marveled that she made a special trip. Gosh – I haven’t had Cheeto’s in IONS.

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