Pin Cushion

In searching for the perfect handmade pin cushion as a Valentine’s Day gift for my daughter. I stumbled on this gem of a design.

Last year when my daughter started stitching for college theatre she “borrowed” my pin cushion.  I have had that pin cushion since 7th grade.

Truth be –I barely sew and my pin cushion is very ordinary.  Yet, not having my pin cushion and it’s pins did become a concern a few times.

I thought OK if I get her a pin cushion of her very own …maybe I’ll get mine back.

Thus the search for a lovely pin cushion!

tea bowl pincushion by petite legume

I love that etsy gives those who adore handcrafting a venue to sell their wares.

My purchase interaction was efficient and personal. Hilary writes a really delightful blog

Further acknowledgement …look at what the pincushion came in.

a handmade origami box!

isn’t that awesome?

P.S. i got my pin cushion back yesterday !

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2 Responses to Pin Cushion

  1. Hilary says:

    So glad you got yours back. Thanks again, Karen!

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