Newspaper Seed Starter Pots

I attended a little workshop sponsored by the West Bloomington Revitalization Partnership over the weekend

A local master gardener, Charlotte Talkington — taught an enthusiastic group

how to make these nifty seed/plant starter pots out of newspaper.

What a delight!!

Pots out of newspaper foster a way to use up old newspapers, they may be planted directly into the soil, the newspaper naturally decomposes, earthworms love them and the roots of the plant are not disturbed.

Each of us walked out with a newspaper pot complete with soil and a precious coleus plant from Charlotte’s epic collection.  ( Charlotte nurtures 1000 coleus plants each season! )

PLUS we all got pea seeds and seed packets donated from a local nursery.

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3 Responses to Newspaper Seed Starter Pots

  1. We did these the last few years with the children. Kids love to make these!! And I feel great about using up the newspaper in such a creative way for the garden! Thanks for the post!

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