Nutritional Supplement Suggestions For Accountants

This is an insane crazy time for ALL accountants.

I was thinking about my accountant, my gratitude for her services  and I was wondering about ways nutritional supplements would support her and her staff right now.

As the weeks close in to when our taxes are due perhaps many accountants are  “feeling the stress of it all”

Some coping nutritional supplement solutions include:

Gingko Biloba for heightened mental acuity, heightened memory and decision making

Ginseng for bringing the body systems into balance while providing increased energy/vitality

Our NEW energy chews – a natural alternative to those highly caffeinated beverages – green tea and vitamin D!!

Our Stress Product – stress of any kind is hard on the body/long term health – this product takes the edge off – and if computations are keeping you up at night this product will help you sleep

and don’t forget Calcium as a natural muscle relaxant

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2 Responses to Nutritional Supplement Suggestions For Accountants

  1. Brent Kelly says:

    Great post. I know several accountants and I know they can get really run down this time a year. Long hours and bad nutrition are very typical. This is some great advice. I retweeted to all of my followers.

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