Fracking HERE? Do We Want This?

Hydraulic Fracturing aka Fracking is slotted for our very own county

If one wonders if folks read their non-profit e-newsletters…don’t.  At least with me, because I really do read and appreciate the sharing from our local Ecology Action Center.

I was drawn to the newsletters commentary below, poked around the links and thought my goodness I have absolutely NO idea what fracking is.

An article in yesterday’s Bloomington Pantagraph drew attention to the possible usage of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) in drilling for natural gas or oil locally, right here in McLean County.  For more information on the risks of this increasingly controversial technique, check out central Illinois’ own Sandra Steingraber’s articles on the topic from the fall 2010 issue of Orion Magazine or her follow up in this month’s issue of Orion Magazine.

Another resource on this topic is the recent documentary film. GASLAND, which is now available for checkout through the EAC’s resource library.  However, please don’t all rush at once – we only have one copy so calling ahead to make sure it is in is a good idea.  See the trailer here

The strongest one moment message  I found was a what is fracking page, that shares visually what occurs.

This had me completely pause.

I then watched the documentary GASLAND.

All I can say is yikes.

I found myself horrified, REALLY angry and of course immediately frustrated.  How can one possibly tackle this giant in our very own backyards?

Bravo to Josh Fox the creator of Gaslands. It’s people like him, and our very own Sandra who bravely pool quality sourced information for all of us to decide how we feel about this topic and how we want to personally act.

For me, I can write about it and I can share… I truly hope you do the same.

The awareness of this issue is so important.

Once they frack — there is absolutely no going back. The damage and destruction is done. Nature has literally been destroyed across the country. Human and animal health compromised, not to mention the fear factor that one’s very own tap water will catch on fire. Excuse me – flammable positively undrinkable drinking water. Think about it!

How many others are like me and have NO idea what fracking is??

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5 Responses to Fracking HERE? Do We Want This?

  1. I agree that what is truly frightening is that once the damage is done, it’s done. I want to watch Gasland too, although I’ll have to psyche myself up for it as I’m sure it will be truly disturbing and upsetting.

    • it’s the what you want to know documentary, yet what do you do with knowing afterwards that gets to me — overwhelming. I am grateful for the collective voice and diligent actions of those who have taken it on.

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