Way To Go Artistic Chef Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Artistic Chef Challenge!!

Even though we, “Team Karen” didn’t win the contest — the experience throughout was really REALLY wonderful!

This is the dish we made:

Inspired by this painting by Natalie Wetzel:

Ironically both are very similar to my original entry to the contest!!

Here is the commentary we prepared for the judges:

Twin City Restaurant Week – Artistic Chef Challenge

Featuring: “Team Karen”

Entourage Lounge owner Karen Murukas

Community Chef Karen Hanrahan – Blog Author: Best Of Mother Earth

Our plate was inspired by Natalie Wetzel’s Painting “Psychedelic Vapor“

Title: Visual Exhalation

Psychedelic defined: vivid colors and complex patterns popularly associated with the psychotic state.  A vapor is a visual exhalation.

Entourage Signature Egg Rolls: Greek seasoned (garlic, lemon and oregano) chicken and beef with savory balsamic roasted butternut squash and purple potato. For a bit of salty goo we’ve added some feta cheese. Red and yellow peppers offer some color and crisp. Note the surprise of blueberry

The above is nestled on a colorful textured bed of baby spring mix, swiss chard, red beet, shredded carrot and green onion

Spicy Side Salad: Enjoy a champagne vinaigrette marinated cucumber, shredded carrot, mandarin orange, cilantro, peas, purple cabbage salad with a hint of red pepper flakes – topped with crushed thai spiced peanuts

Bok Choy leaf with three dipping sauces: Thai Peanut Sauce, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Hazelnut Vinaigrette

Mini Cucumber Gin Bellini

don’t tell anyone, but we totally forgot the green onions

This image is of the judges;  one eating, one drinking, one writing while being filmed:

Our table setting:

above images by karen hanrahan

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