News Of Our Shaklee Family In Japan

Roger Barnett owner of our company sent this email yesterday

I am writing to update you about our Shaklee family in Japan in the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.  Many of you have written to express your concern and desire to help. We still do not have all the facts as the northern part of Japan does not have reliable telephone or mobile service, and it is extremely difficult to travel there.  However, at this time, we do not know of any injuries or loss of life to our Shaklee family.  And we hope and pray that continues to be the case as we learn more over the next several days.

All of our employees in Tokyo and our manufacturing facility near Mt. Fuji are fine, and we believe the same is the case with our distributors.  However, we have a sales office in Sendai, where the tsunami hit hardest.  We believe our employees are safe, but do not yet have final confirmation.  We are trying to reach out to our Sales Leaders in that area, but again, it is very hard to reach people at this time.

We have sent nearly $200,000 of goods from Shaklee Cares to Japan and will be doing an outreach campaign to our Shaklee family here so that you can help our Shaklee family members who may have lost their homes in Japan.  As we know more, we will update you again.

Thank you for your expressions of love and support.

Roger Barnett

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