Downwind From A Natural Disaster

This post is for this months emergency Green Moms Carnival hosted by our Lisa Sharp of Retro Housewife Goes Green

The topic is a collection of commentary on Nuclear Meltdown.

I sit here nestled in my midwest home thinking to myself – wow, Japan.  Haunting imagery and video includes me. It’s like watching a movie.  A detached experience really.  Horrifying.  I watch it here with my electric on and my furnace running.  Cozy.

As do most of us.

Those who have survived have lost their homes, their day to day, their ability to earn a living.  They are steeped in an environmental  toxic soup.  The air they breathe, the water they drink. Everything is wet, murky and ruined.

Survive. History certainly has had it’s fair share of horrific happenings.  Over and over the human spirit prevails.

There is always  the other side of a natural disaster.

I have been wondering …

What would I do if feet of water was encircling my home.  Can anyone every be prepared for such freaks of nature?

Across the ocean the United States sits pretty — discussion of oh don’t worry diluted radiation plumes are looming.  Are they really diluted?

I wonder if  the experts tell us the truth?   I feel skeptic.  Do they say oh its diluted by the time it gets here to appease the masses?  I am of course no expert.  And I am not going to worry myself over how dense the radiation might be in tonights stunning spring sunset. If I do, if I worry about all the things that alarm me…I’d go mad.

Isn’t radiation like bad?  Doesn’t radiation kills things like cancer? Perhaps I have a very simplistic way of thinking.  Major nuclear meltdown doesn’t just go away nicely.  It doesn’t keep itself in nice little boundaries.  It isn’t all neat and wrapped up with a bow.

How many things happen and ten years later we understand the ramifications??

I may be half way around the world from a nuclear meltdown,  yet the winds and rainclouds, radiation plumes included all make the world a very small place.

See the entire collection of commentary Is Nuclear Energy Green Energy?

tonights spring sunset by karen hanrahan

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5 Responses to Downwind From A Natural Disaster

  1. I also wonder if the effects will be more far reaching than we are being told. I’m not worried for my safety but still wonder if we are getting the whole story.

  2. Yep, I’m downwind too, but after learning what I have about all forms of energy in the aftermath of this disaster, I’ll be carefully looking into the side effect of other energy production (pollution from coal, fracking for gas) before choosing our next living location. Still can’t get over the burger post. I’m thinking of buying my own McD Hamburger, just to show future generations.

    • I welcome you to the world of those who want to want to “see for themselves” McD Club – see you in 10 years, gosh I’ll be 60 – what a thought!! Is there a map that says where fracking is ?? ( I guess gaslands) but then what about potential fracking? It seems to me like it might take over ya know ?? I never considered when moving here what the environmental factors were….

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