Side Effects Of Allergy Medications

My personal health history includes seasonal allergies.

When I was younger, nutritionally depleted and stressed, you would find me VERY googly eyed, kleenex box in hand from August 15th until the first freeze in October.

Right now the seasonal allergy that is looming is pollen…

I tried OTC drugs for my ragweed allergy or hayfever as it’s often called.

I mean everyone else I knew popped those over the counter anti-histamines and decongestants — why shouldn’t I?

I may have stopped sneezing while on them, yet I felt like they dried up every mucusal membrane in my body.

Take dry mouth and multiply it times 100.

This effected my nose, my eyes, my mouth, my lungs, and my vaginal track.

I’d feel drowsy or wired. One or the other. Never somewhere nice in between.

It made my heart feel racey.

Once the stuff wore off I’d be a sneezing watery eyed monster again ready for my next fix.

This med didn’t seem to get to the root of the problem.

What do you think? Would you agree??

Below is commentary I found in my files, I can’t say who wrote this, I’d assume it was my mentor and nutritionist Barbara Lagoni, but for this particular parcel of information I can’t be sure.

It’s good stuff, worth sharing.

Thank you someone….

By the by…when I improved my nutrition.

My seasonal allergies disappeared.

Just a thought.

Causes of Allergies and/ or Sinus Congestion

Weakened immune system.  Allergies are not the norm. They are an inappropriate response of the immune system.  The immune system completely overreacts to normal stimuli: cats, dogs, pollen, grass, blooming everything.  Exposure to toxins, nutritional deficiencies, poorly functioning digestive system, incomplete digestion and candida overgrowth ALL play a role in allergies and/ or sinus congestion

Side Effects of Allergy Medications

cognitive impairment
sluggish thinking
difficulty in school
difficulty driving
heart palpatations
altered taste and smell
bitter taste in mouth
dry mouth
sore throat
loss of libido
increased appetite
infertility in woman
suppressed growth
light headedness
increased blood pressure
increased heart rate
worsening of prostate enlargement
blurred vision
muscle weakness
liver damage
severe mood swings and depression

Factors that Weaken the Immune System

Stress; emotional or physical
Poor Diet
Lack of Rest – less than 8 hours
Exposure to Toxins
Nutritional Deficiencies – specifically C, B and Zinc

Factors that Strengthen the Immune System

Healthy diet – 50% vegetables, fish and poultry, and as little sugar, wheat and baked goods as possible

If you aren’t quite at the point of 6 – 9 servings of vegetables a day, consider supplementing them

If you find you have food cravings add B Complex and quality sources of protein

Nutrients Essential To the Immune System

Choose A High Quality

Multi -Vitamin
Vitamin C
Friendly Bacteria
All in One Immune System Product

Herbal Products that Boost the Immune System


Natural Interferon


perhaps a kava free stress relief product , if stress is a contributor

Natural Action Steps

Take a two prong approach to strengthening your immune system; improve your diet, realize that this is a process, add high quality nutritional supplements to provide immediate nutrition for your immune cells.

Try natural herbal products instead of drugs

If you have strong food cravings for sweets and snacks.  Stabalize your blood sugar with Protein and B Complex

Eliminate Toxic Substances from your home and work place

Get non-toxic cleaners

If your allergies flare…many allergy sufferers report very good results with a saturation or therapeutic dose of Vitamin CNatural InterferonZinc, Garlic and Echinacea

image by karen hanrahan

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