Gloom Or Rebirth

This is a post for an additional Green Mom’s Carnival, yes – this month we had two!!

The topic for this carnival is how to keep hopeful when so much despair escalates around us.  Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse is our hostess.

A recent conversation thread in our green moms yahoo group had us discussing the overwhelming despair in the world.  I adore these ladies for the wide variety of opinions they have, the incredible resources they are and the safe space we have amongst each other to share and say how we feel.

I could go deeply into the depths of despair if I focused on the multitude of bad things going wrong around me. Read the newspaper, watch the news, listen to the radio and the despair deepens even more.  Add to that the bad green things going on…and goodness we may as well give up – it’s just too much.

Yet — as horrible as the month of March is each and every year.  Spring finds its way and we have a rebirth and a new beginning around us.

I have a friend Patricia Martin who authored RenGen -the rise of the cultural consumer. In this book she speaks to the next renaissance.  She states that before a new beginning we must have a fall. A hard fall. Her research points us back to our history that includes horrific plague, war, and corruption.  Sound familiar?

She then speaks to the human spirit, the power to invent ways to survive!  History shares that story too!  Look at all that we have accomplished.

Her book further explores the power and rise of the beautiful mind – creativity in particular and it’s role in what might be next. I think of myself at the midpoint of my life and how the last decade has completely altered the way I work, communicate and express myself.  Much of my access to the world is here on this keyboard. Cyberspace in its infinity is a smaller world than my own community.  Perhaps because I am a creative this particular idea speaks to me profoundly.  The advent of youtube and opportunities to watch and be seen has many expressing more views and ideas than ever before

Patricia Martin speaks to many more things in her book ( which I encourage you by the way to read  ) but I feel for my post here, her point about collaboration – is my final comment.  Rebirth includes people working together.  Despite the sad state of affairs all around us. Despair is historically a time when people pool together to make things happen.  Our Green Moms Carnival, years now in the making, each and every month takes a group of remarkable minds and explores a topic of green interest, knowing that together our voice is stronger. What a great example of collaboration.

After reading Patricia’s book I thought — she’s right, death first.  It isn’t going to be pretty.   Yet all said — our collective spirit, creativity and gumption has gotten us through many things before.  I feel our champions are really the next generation – our youth.  The kids we’ve raised will be the leaders of what the world becomes.  I feet oddly proud.  I raised passionate, independent forward thinking and very talented kids. Perhaps I am biased as their mom. I certainly am not happy with the mess we have given them to work with, yet I am really inspired by what’s possible.

Let spring remind us of the winter we just endured.  Rebirth has happened for thousands of years.  I feel hopeful. What else can I feel?  Gloom just isn’t an option.

image by karen hanrahan

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5 Responses to Gloom Or Rebirth

  1. Karen J says:

    Beautiful reminder, K!

    It often takes real effort to remember that “what we hear about the most” and “what-all *else* is happening” tend to be very different.

    “Despair” may be one’s default reaction, but ya don’t *gotta* stay there – look around and notice the Good Things – your kids, your friends, Spring!

    Love you, and your friends!
    ~ (the other) Karen

  2. Harriet says:

    Thanks Karen. I too HOPE people do wake up, that they are reborn, and we do sooner than later recognize the precarious position we have put our environment in. I too believe in our children, that their eyes are open…and that we haven’ messed things up too badly for them!! Keep being positive!! Hoping others “catch it” too.

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