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Featured Sponsor :: Syntek Global Distributor

Syntek Global Distributor Woody Woodcock and featured sponsor shares with us his commentary on the increasing price of gasoline. What a helpless feeling it is. As gas dependent as we all are the price increases are really hit many hard. … Continue reading

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Friends Of The Arts

A scholarship organization knows as Friends Of The Arts is hosting a Postcard Art event this evening. Hundreds of artists submit postcard size pieces in support of students of the arts in need.  Artists range from very high profile, to … Continue reading

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A Self Cleaning Bathroom!

In the days of yore when all I used were chemical bathroom cleaners and typical soaps and shampoo’s from the grocery store I constantly battled with ring around the bathtub, slimy tile walls and an absolutely discusting shower curtain. How … Continue reading

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Try A Carbon Calculator And Plant Some Trees!

Whenever I take a road trip and about two additional times a year I offset my personal carbon by planting trees!! This is the carbon calculator that I use It looks at your emission sources… things like electricity and natural gas. … Continue reading

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What Is A Chief Sustainability Officer?

Do the companies you purchase from, especially companies that tout their greenness, have a Chief Sustainability Officer? What’s that? A Chief Sustainability Officer is a CSO. My company has one!! Why do corporations have CSO’s? Because they are up to … Continue reading

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Vinegar For Cleaning Is The Same As Water

The days of wanting to clean green have many of us considering  folklore solutions.  While vinegar is a classic alternative, in my personal experience it had me working WAY too hard to get something clean, yes — I thought my … Continue reading

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Wanted – Moms Who Want To Clean Green!

Calling all moms who want to shift to green cleaning! Hey moms,  I would like to tell you about the most amazing “Green” cleaner available ever, Shaklee’s Basic H2. Why is it so amazing? Well, other than the fact that … Continue reading

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GreenPro Cleaners :: Featured Site Sponsor

GreenPro Cleaners is a locally owned carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company. Their tag line says they clean today for tomorrow, a company that is green minded!  They use a non-water method cleaning technology.  Their dry carpet clean system can … Continue reading

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Phenol And Formaldyhyde In Everyday Products

Everyday cleaning, personal care and skin care products contain Phenol and Formaldyhyde. Phenol is an extremely caustic chemical that burns the skin. Absorption of phenol through the lungs or skin can cause: central nervous system damage, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, … Continue reading

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How Toxic Are Those Baby Care Products?

Ever attend a baby shower? Ever notice the gifts given and how toxic they are? If you are like most you don’t even think about it. How could products that have been around forever be toxic?  Well, many unfortunately are. … Continue reading

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