Cast Iron And The Environment

Teflon coated pans, once trashed – and they do become a peeling awful mess eventually, you just pitch them right??

How does that effect the environment??

These chemically coated pans certainly don’t biodegrade!!

Pots and pans in my opinion are not a throw away disposable item.

My mom used stainless steel pans when I was growing up and I bet she still does. When her estate is sold someone else will find these pots and pans useful.

I received my stainless cookware in 1983….They too will be useful to someone else.

Pots and pans should be made well, made here in the US and should me made to last.

My all time favorite skillet is my cast iron.

I’ve had my cast iron skillet for years.  I followed the advice of how to care for it – to never wash it with soap, like ever. To dry and oil it …until it becomes just right.

I did this blindly not really knowing what I was striving for.

In recent times I appreciated the fact that my cast iron skillet is now perfectly cured. Meaning it’s naturally non-stick. A “seasoned” skillet.

This took years. A labor of love and respect, but once achieved I have to say it’s rather an exquisite thing…

I use cast iron for a multitude of reasons…a bit of additional iron to richen my blood – not a bad thing.  A superb even cooking surface. One that can withstand high heat without leaching chemicals into the air. Everything tastes better cooked in cast iron. I can use it top of stove, in my oven or take it camping. I cook most everything in it !!

When I die my cast iron skillet will be beneficial to another family, and another beyond that.

Cast iron has rich history, the way that cast iron is made is eco-minded – made the very same way it was hundreds of years ago. Responsibly. Not imported.

I purchased my cast iron in a thrift store for $8.  Not bad for skillet that will last forever.

I’ve since added a grill cast iron skillet to my collection

image by karen hanrahan

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2 Responses to Cast Iron And The Environment

  1. Vee says:

    Growing up, my mom also had a cast iron skillet that we called it the fried chicken pan, LOL. When I needed one of my own, I picked up one cheap on craigslist. She didn’t want it because it was yucky looking and rusty. I scrubbed it with coarse salt and oil and also read someowhere to put it in the oven on the self cleaning cycle. Wow, that worked wonders. So that one and my enamel coated dutch oven are my favorite pans.

    • funny – growing up my moms cast iron pan was for calves liver!!! I am also fascinated by the multiple ways to cure them, point being there really is no wrong way!! Love that you commented!!

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