Blow Torch Not Needed To Kill Germs

Is your germicide flammable? Should it be?

When I first discovered green cleaning and started to share it with other folks we used Lysol from the aerosol can as part of our demonstrations.

Spray a bit of Lysol near a lit match and whoooosh it lights right up!

Spray our epa registered germicide and it will put out the fire started by the Lysol!

When I first saw this demonstrated the woman said, imagine where people spray this stuff?

Like everywhere.

Imagine the nursery. The play room.

She further shared how fireman can visually see the flammable trail Lysol leaves behind. Especially in children’s rooms.    Imagine wallpaper post a fire with a trail left from Lysol’s flammability  ( is that word?  flammabilty?  It is now!)

The thought of the reality of that horrified me.

I tested their spray on product versus the aerosol can and it too was flammable.

I have to say that it’s beyond me with all the issues we have regarding the environment and all,  how is it that aerosol cans are even being manufactured these days.

I mean at this stage of the game why?

Lysol to me has always smelled medicinal.  I never appreciated that.  Never wanted my home to smell like Lysol.  EVER.

Plus how effective is Lysol anyway??

Everything a germicide needs to do can be found in our germicide product without the blow torch.

flame flickr image

How do you celebrate Earth Day?
If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you?


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4 Responses to Blow Torch Not Needed To Kill Germs

  1. Mandy says:

    A super, if slightly worrying article. Some of the nurseries (I think you’d use the term day care centers?) I visit absolutely reek of wanton aerosol use. They often use the type attached to walls and ceilings that pump out automatically at intervals. I’m always horrified by the thought these chemicals might have on young and developing nervous systems but I hadn’t actually thought about the associated fire risks.

  2. Karen J says:

    Yikes! Nervous systems AND lungs!

    btw – “aerosol” products don’t use the same seriously ozone-depleting propellants as they used to …
    but still ~ tip the amount you need onto a rag (remember those??) and wipe it exactly where you want it! Sheesh!

    Happy Wednesday, all y’all! Karen too

    • OH Happy Wednesday to you too Karen J!! Always enjoy your comments. I personally think why have aerosols in the first place. I mean pre- aerosols we did fine, pre- plastic bags, pre- petro derived everything… who says all this stuff is necessary? How did we ever survive before???

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