Wanted – Moms Who Want To Clean Green!

Calling all moms who want to shift to green cleaning!

Hey moms,  I would like to tell you about the most amazing “Green” cleaner available ever, Shaklee’s Basic H2.

Why is it so amazing?

Well, other than the fact that the WHITE HOUSE uses it, Oprah promoted it as one of her favorite products, and shows like Rachel Ray and Good Morning America have featured it, it is an absolutely amazing product because…

1.  It is the most concentrated non-toxic cleaner on the market, so it will literally (and there are studies to prove it) save your family THOUSANDS of dollars over traditional cleaners AND any other “Green” cleaners available.

2.  It protects your family!!!!  Studies continue to show the harmful effects of the chemicals in traditional cleaners on our bodies, especially our respiratory systems, which could result in increased Asthma and Allergies and other health issues.  This harm is compounded in our children because of their smaller bodies. There are NO harmful ingredients in Basic H2.

3.  It works as well and even better than the other cleaners on the market (traditional and “Green”).  And yes, there are clinical studies to prove this as well.

4.  I use it to wash my fruits and vegetables (it is that safe) but I also use it to…

Clean my hardwood floors

Clean my tile floors

Clean my vinyl floors

Clean my wood cabinets

Dust my grandmother’s antique wood table

Dust all my furniture

Clean my kitchen counters

Remove spots from our carpet

Clean my bathroom

Wash my fine washables

Clean our windows and mirrors

Use as a mosquito repellant

Use to soothe and treat burns

and many other uses!

I know this is hard to believe.  But it’s true!

Let’s add one more final fact.  Basic H2 was created over FIFTY years ago! Wow!

Who can you get this product from?   Why me, of course!  I am absolutely excited for you to save money, protect your family, and get the best green clean possible!

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